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Detonate Ventures is an investment and management company acting as a seed and early-stage investor, as well as managing in-house projects. We are funded by private Israeli investors and operate in Kiev, Ukraine since 2011.

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Who we are

The company is managed by partners with a broad expertise in technologies, media, telecommunications, marketing and strategic consulting

Natasha Berezovska

Managing Partner

Natasha Berezovska

Managing Partner

Natasha has over 15 years of experience in founding and growing companies, always being entrepreneurial and result oriented.

Her background includes managing mass media, communication holdings, marketing and PR agencies.

As a strategic consultant and marketing expert she was involved in many projects. She is familiar with all aspects every new company or startup face and uses all her experience providing help as for business planning, strategic development, entrepreneurial leadership and talent management.

She holds a Master's degree in Journalism, an Executive MBA degree from Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, has studied Venture Capital at Haas Business School in California, HR and CRM at Kellog-Recanati International EMBA program at Tel Aviv University, and Strategic Portfolio Management at London Business School.

Igor Shraibman

Managing Partner

Igor Shraibman

Managing Partner

Igor has been in mobile/telecom, e-commerce and technology based businesses since the very beginning of his career.

Prior to founding a company providing mobile and interactive services he served as Business Development Executive for a number of Israeli Hi Tech firms. He has a unique ability to identify promising ideas, which can not only be innovative but scalable and savvy in a business matter.

His analytical skills lead teams to the best solutions on they path to successful business projects. He received a BA degree at Department of General and Interdisciplinary Studies Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

He was also on a Venture Capital Executive Program at Haas Business School in California.

No strict manual for decision making

There is always a combination of strong reasons and good feelings. We try to navigate between them, but not always successfully, so a substantial part of our criteria is based on lessons learned.


Good ideas need excellent executors. If you are the ones, there should be some proof in your past for that.


We appreciate people who thoroughly work on their business plans before pursuing someone else's money


Never underestimate your competitors, even if you don't see the direct ones. Look around twice more carefully and invent your secret sauce to compete


Raising money is not the goal, satisfying your customers is. We want to see it in your eyes and in your action plan


Are you involved in a series of projects simultaneously? Well, you may find yourself too busy to answer our phone calls, no match then.


Something should resonate between us. At the end of the day, there is no fun in investing in people we cannot find a common ground with.

Private investors usually say that they are focused on specific areas.
Is that always true?

We allow ourselves to be impulsive if we like you or your idea. We are not biased with industries or geography. We try to be open to all interesting ideas.

Projects Funded

Influ2 Founded in 2017 Person-based marketing platform, with name-by-name tracking, utilizing recent advances in advertising technology and machine learning.

ResumeYard Founded in 2016 Resume writing company using augmented writing technologies and machine learning algorithms to analyze resumes and predict their performance among recruiters.

BeLive Founded in 2016 A cloud broadcasting tool that empowers users to win on social media by creating super-engaging live broadcasts.

Coureon Founded in 2015 Platform that enables independent e-commerce players to improve their after-sales process and increase international sales through unique shipping services.

SOC Prime Founded in 2014 Dynamic cybersecurity startup focused on a global market. It's Cyber Operations platform helps enterprises to effectively fight cyber threats.

Shareroot Founded in 2013 UGC platform helping to grow authentic unparalleled connections through visual content marketing. Since 2015 listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Neural Analytics Founded in 2013 Through the use of advanced ultrasound, Neural Analytics is innovating brain health management with products that are accessible, portable and accurate.

Eduson Founded in 2013 Corporate eLearning platform represented in 20+ countries. It provides customers with different course formats: video lectures, business cases, presentations, interactive videos, tests and more.

AdTena Founded in 2014 Online platform for managing advertising campaigns in Wi-Fi networks using precise geolocation and customer data for delivering the most relevant mobile ads.

Footboom Founded in 2013 Digital multimedia platform for football fans. EXITED

Lotobar Founded in 2013 Developer and digital distributor of casual lottery games trying to transform traditional regulated lottery industry into a new funny experience called Lototainment. ON HOLD

Hummus Interactive Founded in 2011 Game development startup creating unique entertainment experiences with a novel approach to the mobile ecosystem and emerging platforms.

Other Businesses We Are Involved In As Shareholders

Newsfront Founded in 2005 PR, Strategic communications

Jump Founded in 2003 mVAS content aggregation & developer

KMC Founded in 2002 Unique kids marketing experience

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