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Detonate Ventures is an investment and management company acting as a seed and early-stage investor and managing in-house projects. Being funded by private Israeli investors, since 2011 we operate in Kiev, Ukraine. The company is managed by partners with a broad expertise in technologies, media, telecommunications, marketing and strategic consulting. Usually we take an active part in our projects and a partner approach to all of them. Our vision is to live every business we are in.

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our team

Natasha Berezovska
CEO and Managing Partner


Natasha has over 15 years of experience in founding and growing companies being always entrepreneurial and result oriented. Her background includes managing mass media, communication holdings, marketing and PR agencies. As a strategic consultant and marketing expert she was involved in many projects. She is familiar with all aspects every new company or startup face and uses all her experience providing help as for business planning, strategic development, entrepreneurial leadership and talent management. She holds Master’s degree in Journalism, Executive MBA degree from Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, studied Venture Capital at Haas Business School in California and HR and CRM at Kellog-Recanati International EMBA program at Tel Aviv University.

Managing Partner


Igor is in mobile/telecom, e-commerce and technology based businesses since the very beginning of his career. Prior to founding a company providing mobile and interactive services he served as Business Development Executive for a number of Israeli Hi Tech firms. He has a unique ability to identify a promising idea, which can not only be innovative but scalable and savvy in a business matter. His analytical skills lead teams to the best solutions on they path to successful business projects. He received BA degree at Department of General and Interdisciplinary Studies Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He was also on Venture Capital Executive Program at Haas Business School in California.

Our Experts,
and Friends

There are people we feel as our strategic partners to help us with deal flow evaluation and projects set-ups. They kindly agreed to serve as our friendly Board’s members and take an inquisitive look at every deal we consider.

Ilya Kuntsevich

Ilya is our LA-based ‘American Ambassador’ bringing innovative overseas ideas on the table and assisting young teams in launching businesses in the US. He has a very strong Private Equity, Venture Capital and International Finance background (we hope such names as Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young or Aurora Capital speak for themselves).

Doron Goldberg

Talented Israeli tech guy, Mr. Goldberg adds 25 years of experience commercializing innovative new technologies. He has a track record of building partnerships between young companies and leaders such as Siemens, Ericsson and IBM and currently is running an investment firm.

Dmitry Volkov

Dmitry is a famous Russian philosopher playing the piano and piloting helicopters. In free from his hobbies time he builds and manages big IT projects. He is currently running a very successful Russian-American corporation ITONLINE Group, focusing on company’s strategic development and international relations.

When we

We provide smart money with help and care, with our knowledge, useful contacts and resources to recruit and educate talents.

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  • business idea

    A clear business-idea and proved
    sustainable monetization model

  • tangible value

    The business idea has to be not only technologically innovative, but bring tangible value to the end customer and demonstrate an understanding of user adoption evolution

  • the team

    The team should be experienced and well motivated demonstrating vision, inspiration and strategic approach


So far D2N8 is involved in a series of diversified ventures. We’ll be glad to provide you with more information, please, feel free to contact us

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Here we provide all inquisitive types with updates as for the projects we funded, events attended and our thoughts and ideas we are up to.

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